Shearling Biker Coat, Cable Knit, Nike Air Vortex

Shearling biker coat: Oasap - skinnies: G-star - cable knit sweater: New Look - sneakers: Nike Air Vortex

Since the weather has been so ridiculously gorgeous for April, I guess I might as well hurry up and post the last bits of winter outfits that are collecting dust in my laptop folders. I had postponed this outfit because frankly, I look exhausted and as if I'm coming down with a cold. A freezing wind was blowing when we shot these, and you can totally tell. But I still think this glorious coat deserves a final feature before being put away for the rest of the year. And this sort of casual outfit is very much exactly what I default to whenever I feel like the outside world is just too much to deal with in the morning. A warm, comfortable barrier between me and any kind of annoyance.

PS! Just as a reminder: I'm cleaning out my closet and selling a bunch of beautiful items: lots of shoes from Converse, Dr. Martens, Steve Madden, Zara among others, dresses, tops, light sweaters and maybe some accessories as well! Not via an online webshop, but in real life, next Saturday (26th of april), in Antwerp. You can check out the details (and press "attend") here. Shoes will be size 38 or 39, garments will be anywhere from size EU34 to EU38 and everything will be very cheap and hardly worn. Come over!


7 Questions with Diamanti Per Tutti: Leen

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing a chat with you that I had with Leen, the lady behind LenaLena est là and the little hat bible Chapeau. When I got an email from my former boss Stéphanie to ask whether I would be willing to participate in a round of short interviews, from one blogging Diamanti Per Tutti lover to the next (and you know I am), I was like "HELL YEAH GIRL and also can I interview Leen again plz?" 

Leen is an all around awesome person. You see, we actually met when I was writing my master's dissertation on Lady Gaga, she was one of the respondents I interviewed. I met so many amazing people when I was writing my thesis and I could never forget Leen, her spark and her honesty. Also, her marvellous style. I remember walking up to meet her before the interview for my thesis, and she was standing just outside our university's library in a ray of sunshine wearing a yellow maxi skirt and a vibrant headscarf. What's even more special is that she wore those items without seeming like she made an effort to dress up. You can imagine what an impression she made on me. Hopefully the same impression she will make on you when you see the pictures I snapped for our interview.

Radiant, right? Now, sadly, the interview was supposed to be short and snappy - one or two sentences per answer for every question. So our talk was short, but sweet. Read on to learn a little bit about Leen, but for more you can obviously click through to her blog!


What gives you confidence?

It might seem superficial but my clothes give me confidence. I’m quite shy around new people so my clothes are a way of communicating without having to talk.
Is there anything you'd tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

I’d say: TAKE UP BALLET! Because there’s no such thing as a clumsy ballerina.
Life motto?

I love and believe in this French saying: il faut parfois reculer pour mieux sauter (sometimes you have to take a few steps back to jump higher/further).
What would you hope to achieve in life?

The only thing I want is to one day be a healthy, happy and eccentric grandmother.
What was the last time you cried of happiness?

I cry so easily it’s embarassing. The last time was when my grandfather was looking so lovingly at his first great grandchild Marie.
Have you had a life defining experience?

When I realised how powerful our thoughts are. I really believe that thinking positive creates a good life.
Favourite Spice Girl + why ;-)

GERI! She’s the reason I dyed my hair ginger at age fourteen.



Leen is wearing the Geometrics bracelet

We're drawing a circle of interviews starting with Nathalie interviewing Patricia interviewing me interviewing Leen interviewing Ruth. Check out the other blogs to read the other interview, including mine for Patricia.


Silk Blouse, Velvet Trousers, Nike Roshe Runs

Blouse: H&M - velvet trousers, necklace: Oasap - sneakers: Nike Roshe Runs

The particular silhouette of trousers I'm wearing today has been my most recent obsession. I know, it's sort of like an unholy combination of grandpa trousers and harem pants, and I wouldn't roll my eyes at you for finding these ugly and unflattering as hell, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Apparently, my heart wants highwaisted peg leg trousers. The next step after the jogging pants trend, in a way! But these are way more work-appropriate. Also, this velvet is softer than a baby's bottom.

So, after a blissfully long Easter weekend we're dropping back down to earth, off to work we go. Long weekends have two important upsides: the weekend is longer, and the following work week is shorter. Yeay!

By the way, just a tip: viscose is a great fabric for light peg leg trousers such as the ones I'm wearing here. I have a pair in viscose which I wear, like, every other day during the week. Fabric is SO important when it comes to having a garment fit just right.

Peace out!

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