Outfit: knee boots and printed miniskirt

office appropriate outfit: knee boots, sweater, printed skirtknee boots, printed skirt from mango
diamanti per tutti rings
office appropriate outfit: turtle neck sweater, printed skirt
and other stories handbag, printed skirt mango
office appropriate outfit: knee boots, sweater, printed skirt
knee boots, and other stories handbag
office appropriate outfit: knee boots, sweater, printed skirt

sweater: c/o Oasap - skirt: Mango - boots: Mano - satchel: & Other Stories - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

I'm wearing another very grown up, elegant, feminine outfit, which is a look I've been feeling lately. These knee boots are just SO GOOD and they immediately kick me into a certain mindset.

I spotted the skirt at Mango about two months ago, and I made a mental note to check back during the sales because it's such a cute skirt. I have this one sort of similar flouncy skirt in a multi colour abstract print, and I've gotten SO much wear out of it, so I thought that this one would be a great wardrobe addition. The print on this skirt is sort of like swirling inky smoke, and the mix of neutral shades makes it very versatile. Also, it has pockets. And sure enough, it was there when the sales kicked in! Definitely one of my favourite sales buys.

My weekend has been absolutely lovely, spent getting stuff done, planning this year's vacay (OMG SO EXCITED - more on that later), experimenting with make up, watching good movies and baking pizza. Definitely the kind of weekend that leaves you read to rock the upcoming workweek. Hope your weekend was just as satisfying.


Beauty: Dior Kingdom of Colors review, swatches and tutorial

Today, I'm going to show you some items and looks from the Dior Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colors collection. I received three products to review (YAY) so prepare for some eyecandy! Just check out the campaign image to get a feel for where this is going.

dior kingdom of colors: reviews, swatched and a tutorial

A return of colour to do away with the grey drab of winter, mixing pastels and punchy shades to create something that's halfway between sweet and spicy. This looks very soft in a campaign image, but wearing make up this colourful in real life would definitely make a statement in an '80s bubblegum punk kind of way. 

The images of the collection I've seen online are nothing short of stunning. I love the eyeshadow quints especially, since they look like their pinks and greens would work perfectly for my colouring. You can check out some good swatches here. The pictures I've seen of the House of Greens quint actually made me rediscover green eyeshadow, but more on that later!

Let me show you the products I received: Diorblush in N°873 Cherry Glory - 43,20€, Dior Addict Gloss N°004 Tiara - 31,50€, and Diorshow khôl in N°099 Smoky Black - 23,15€.

dior kingdom of colors blush cherry glory review swatch
dior kingdom of colors blush cherry glory review swatch

Cherry Glory is a coral pink, super pigmented blush without any discernible shimmer or sparkle. Definitely use a light hand with this one if you're fair skinned, but if you use it correctly it's the kind of colour that strikes a lovely balance between catching the eye and looking natural. Flushed, warm, healthy!

dior kingdom of colors gloss tiara review swatch
dior kingdom of colors gloss tiara review swatch

Then there's this crazy multicolour glitter Dior Addict gloss. When I opened its box, I couldn't help but let out an "ooooooooh", because, well, glitter. So much glitter! It's like a vial of pixie dust! It feels smooth on the lips, none of that gritty feeling cheap glitter glosses tend to have. I imagine this gloss looking stunning layered over any lipstick colour, but it does a great job at making your bare lips eye catchers as well. I haven't been into lipgloss for the past few years, but I've enjoyed adding some variety to my lip arsenal recently. I've been using lip creams and lip lacquers a lot, and this gloss reminds me of stunning pop and RnB diva's from the early 2000s, which is never a bad thing. I'm also considering using it for one of those glossy eyelid looks which I've always loved but never quite mastered myself.

dior kingdom of colors kohl smokey black review swatch
dior kingdom of colors kohl smokey black review swatch

Finally there's the Diorshow Khôl pencil, which is probably my favourite out of the three. I use a kohl pencil almost daily, as a thin, smudged line along the upper and lower outer corners of my eyes. It intensifies my gaze without making my eyes seem smaller, and because I'm quite pale with dark hair, I often feel like my face is too bare without some dark pencil around the eyes. I've been using a cheap Catrice kohl pencil up until now, but I have no qualms about switching over to this Dior product. It glides on like a dream, smudges beautifully without becoming too sheer (pigment for days!), and after you've smudged it, it actually stays put. AND it twists up! I hate sharpening pencils, twisty-up make up pencils 4 life.

And here's the complete look I created with these products. The smokey cat eye is very different from what I usually wear, but it sort of started appearing while blending and I really love the end result - a soft statement. Here's a more detailed look at what I did. The first picture is edited to show the colour application clearly, so you can try it yourself. I only used three products: the Dior khôl pencil, Diorshow Fusion Mono in 621 Mirror, and of course mascara (which I used a bit too much of - woops).

Smokey cat eye with glitter tutorial using Diorshow Khôl

All I did was draw a black line with the kohl pencil along the upper outer corner of my eye, and then I blended it outward and upward with a short, flat rounded brush to form a thick, almost straight line across the eyelid fanning out to the ends of my eyebrows, finishing with a swipe under the eye. Then I swiped the glittery Mirror shadow over my moving eyelid, and marveled at how pretty it looked layered over the khôl. Definitely a look I'll try again!

smokey cat eye tutorial using Diorshow Khôl

Which of these products appeals to you the most?


Grey winter layers

warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, pom pom hat, chelsea boots
warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, fair isle knit, pom pom hat
warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, fair isle knit, cheap monday denim
warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, fair isle knit, cheap monday denim
warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, fair isle knit, cheap monday denim
fluffy pom pom hat
warm winter outfit: grey wool winter coat, fair isle knit

Coat, cross body bag: H&M - Fair Isle knit sweater: vintage - skinny jeans: Cheap Monday - chelsea boots: Kell - fluffy pom pom hat:  c/o Oakwood via Company Antwerp
pictures by Charlotte

And once again I succeed at doing a walking picture without looking like a complete ass! VICTORY! Apparently, long coats make walking pictures easier because they hide awkward legs. Just a heads up for those of you willing to try walking pictures. The coat is also pretty great from a practical perspective because it has been SO cold the past days, temperatures hovering around 0°C. In some parts of the world that's probably a mild chill, but it's been two years since it was this cold for so long around here, and I'm having some trouble adjusting. At least that means I can break out this Fair Isle sweater again, one of my few pure wool knits. I can only wear it when it's this cold outside or I sweat my ass off, so I guess that's a good thing.

Uhmmm what else can I tell you. Oh, I went to see Into the Woods yesterday with my mom, my sister and her boyfriend, and I loved it! If you are into musicals, fairy tales and Meryl Streep, I highly recommend it. If you're only lukewarm towards musicals, I would tell you to stay away because the music is very prominent. It's Sondheim, after all. But I thought the acting and singing was top notch, and the story was nicely balanced between dark and funny.

ANYWAY, hope you like the outfit! And if you've seen Into the Woods, come gush with me.

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