Outfit: floral off shoulder dress with Tevas

Outfit: panama hat, floral off shoulder dress with Tevas
Outfit: panama hat, floral off shoulder dress
diamanti per tutti rings
Outfit: panama hat, floral off shoulder dress
Outfit: panama hat, floral off shoulder dress, name necklace
Outfit:floral off shoulder dress, name necklace
Outfit: panama hat, floral off shoulder dress with Tevas
off shoulder dress, cross body bag: Mango - sandals: c/o Teva - panama hat: H&M - sunglasses: c/o Polette - necklace: Onecklace - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

This is what I threw on to go Pokemon Go hunting in Leuven with my dude. It was a beautiful (hot) summer's day, and this dress' open back and light cotton fabric made the heat just about bearable. We made our way through Leuven, with my boyfriend sharing memories of when he attended university there, trying to find that darn Dewgong that remained out of reach (spoiler alert: we didn't find it), and ended our day with a sushi dinner at Wabi Sabi. A really lovely day of feeling like you're on holiday without leaving the country.

If you're a history buff who is planning to visit Belgium, do make Leuven part of your travel plans because the city is stunning. Just google the town hall and prepare to be amazed! Try to find a picture that allows you to zoom in, because the detail to all the sculptures depicting important figures from Leuven's history takes your breath away. Kind of magical like Hogwarts, if you ask me.

We just had a gorgeous sunny weekend, probably one of the last of this year, so we made it count. I might have taken two little naps in the garden. Hope your weekend was lovely too!


Beauty: Milani Amore Mattalics review

Metallic lipstick: Milani Matterialistic and Chromatic Addict swatches and review

After the hyper matte liquid lipstick, there's a new trend in town that will probably invade your dreams, pinterest boards and makeup tables before long: metallics. I know, metallic makeup is a divisive subject. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase is probably something very late 80s-early 90s, frosty, or cheap looking kid's makeup. I get that. However, today's metallic lipstick is bomb AF and makes you look like Rihanna might actually consider hanging with you if you'd just keep your cool.

Just before we left for France, I got one of my obsessive moods and I suddenly realized that what my life needed was Milani Amore Mattalics. I mean, I'd seen people wearing Chromatic Addict on my social media for a while, and my kneejerk reaction had always been "hmm, why would anyone want metallic gold lips?? This trend is ridiculous" until it slowly turned into "OMG GIMME". I've said it time and time again, I'm not a trend setter, so I'm sending mental apologies to all the people who discovered the awesomeness of metallic lips before I did: you were right, I was wrong.

So when I realized I had a mattalics shaped hole in my heart, I started frantically googling until I found the last webshop delivering in Belgium who still had the shades I wanted in stock: Beauty88 (find Chromatic Addict here, and Matterialistic here), and magically, they arrived the very next day so I could still take them with me on holiday: WINNING

Now, you probably already figured that I'm super excited about these so let's get to the nitty gritty and actually review dat shiz.


Travel: Okinawa Mihama American Village

Travel: Okinawa Mihama American Village

When I think back to our weeks in Japan, the moments that I was most happy were probably the times we spent in the Mihama American Village on Okinawa. I know, I can already hear you saying "girl, who goes to Japan to have the most fun in something called "the American Village???" but hear me out! Okinawa is this amazing mix of Japan, a distinct tropical island feel, its original Ryukyu culture, and the American influences because of the extensive US army presence. The American Village is a going out district that mixes up all of that exquisite diversity into something that is like the best possible, themepark-esque pastiche of vintage Americana, but with a distinctly Japanese twist. 

Some people might hate how "manufactured" this place is, but in my eyes and experience, that kind of just makes it quintessentially Japanese. However, if your idea of the perfect Japan trip is more about bamboo forests and temples, this might not float your boat.

We went there three times, two times for dinner and one time for breakfast, and because the place is so incredibly photogenic I took lots of pictures. You could say that I saved the best (in my eyes) for last, so here is what will probably be my last post on our Japan trip. Enjoy!


Beauty: 2nd NYX haul review

NYX haul review

Hi babes! I've just returned from our holiday in France (boohoo), and I've let the blog take the backburner for a bit because I am a firm believer of doing what feels right when it comes to my blog. When I feel like taking a bit of a break, I do so, and when I feel particularly passionate about posting, I post a bit more. After all, this isn't my day job, it's something I do because I love to do it. And now, after a two week semi-break, I feel like getting back into the swing of things with an extensive review of a bunch of NYX products I got in the (insanely amazing) goodiebag we got when attending the store opening in Ghent.

I know people are crazy about NYX launching in Belgium, and the clearest proof of this is that a lot of the most popular NYX items are constantly sold out in the store. However, NYX is keeping us up to date about restocks AND have promised us that a webshop is in the making, probably launching around early 2017, so fear not. Until then, here's an overview of a bunch of NYX products so you can figure out for yourself if the trip to Ghent is worth making!

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