Black Fluffy Sweater and Motor Vest

sweater, skinny jeans: H&M - motorcycle vest: Forever21 - patent chelsea boots: Zara - watch: Zadig&Voltaire

Yep, that's my stomach you see there in the first pic. I don't know about you, but as a child of the late 90s/early 00s I feel like the whole bare tummy look has been gone LONG ENOUGH. And when I wear a cropped sweater, it just seems like we're somewhat closer to warmer weather even though our short period of spring bliss has come and gone by now. We're back to 13°C, not nearly warm enough for bare legs (boo). I could JUST about manage the tiny sliver of stomach though.

BTW exciting news!! If you watch the Flemish version of The Voice, you'll probably spot me on your TV tomorrow. Now don't get too excited, I'm not competing, but I was asked to occupy the "tweet seat" for the night because of my social media presence. I will probably be asked something at some point, so cross your fingers I don't say something really stupid/get crippled by nerves. I love the show, and I'm taking my sis with me so I'm sure we'll have a great night even if I do make a complete fool of myself. Besides, I'm going to spend some time getting ready, wearing a perfectly thought out outfit with fancy hair and make up so at least I'll go down in style.

Do you have any Friday night plans?


Spring Wishlist

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing some wishlist material with you. The garments are all from Sheinside.com. The reason why I've used so much stuff from that website is because I've noticed that after a few years of many Asian webshops being ridiculously overpriced (like, 60$ for a flimsy polyester dress), stores like Sheinside and Oasap are finally reworking their policy by selling stuff for what it's actually worth. None of these garments cost more than 24€/34$ and most of it is 18€/24$. Also, because those stores have SO MUCH TO OFFER. It can be quite daunting to sort through all of the pages of clothes and still keep a bit of an overview on the items that are actually worth it. So I've done the work for you!

I had some fun with the outfits, because I sort of want to stop wearing so much black once the weather gets warmer. Bring on the florals and the pinks yo! And seriously, that grumpy cat sweatshirt is basically perfect in every way. In general, Asian webshops are perfect for finding statement/trendy items, but I wouldn't recommend them for basics. Simply because 99% of their offering has some kind of print or fancy detail. And also because your basics should fit you to perfection, so I wouldn't recommend buying basics online.

Anyway, without further ado, some fun Spring outfits.

1. blue shirt
2. floral sweatshirt
3. grumpy cat sweatshirt
4. cropped palm print blouse
5. floral miniskirt
6. peplum hem neoprene skirt
7. denim circle skirt
8. maxi skirt with slit
9. white cut-out brogues
10. black kitten heels
12. Nike Air Max
13. leather sandals

Which of these outfits is your favourite? I'd seriously wear all of them. The first and second for work, the third for some 80's babysitter's club style chilling, and the last for a day off or a casual date night. Also, shipping-wise I've only had positive experiences with Sheinside. Oasap is usually OK, but my last order from them hasn't been shipped yet even though I ordered a few weeks ago, so I can't say that I'm 100% positive about them. DO check the provided measurements very carefully before ordering though, because Asian sizes can be tiny.

Have you ever ordered from an Asian webshop? Any experiences to share?


Orange and Leopard Slip Ons

dress: COS - slip ons: H&M - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - necklace: Selected

Outfit time! Again, the slip ons (see me wearing them in other outfits here and here), and my favourite tomato orange COS dress. Two statement pieces that make each other better by being worn together. 

Year in year out, I keep returning to comfortable flats with skirts and dresses as one of my favourite looks. What can I say, I'm just not a heels kind of girl. They look awesome, but I will never understand how people manage wearing them an entire day while going about their business, commuting to work, running up stairs etc etc. 

Whenever you see working women on television, most of them are wearing some rendition of a (skirt) suit with some 10cm high heels. Now tell me, do you actually know any working women who dress like that? I mean, there obviously are some out there, but the overwhelming majority of female colleagues at all of the different places I've worked at throughout my life simply wore flats. Get with it, TV! Women wear flats!

Now, these shoes are probably a bit too casual for a more conservative office, but I am fully convinced it is possible to find cute and professional flats to go with your dresses and skirts for any type of work environment. Here are some options I found for you.

clockwise starting top left: 22.46€ // 45.95€ // 49.16€ // 79.95€ // 89.95€ // 70.23€ 

I stuck with black because black is the perfect basic, but these would work just as well in a punchy colour or a neutral such as navy or tan. Now, go and prove to the world that a woman can look chique and sophisticated without wearing heels!

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