Beauty: shimmering smokey eye with blue tightlining

Today, I'm sharing a recent beauty experiment with you guys that had an unexpectedly lovely result. I was sent some of the new Yves Rocher 100% Intense Kajal colours to review, and that review is coming up once I've tried all the shades. For now, I'm just showing you this one look I put together when trying the blue kajal. I paired it with flawless skin (THANKS REVLON), subtle pink/mauve lips, and glossy smokey eyes. I feel like the look is more versatile than you'd expect, appropriate for a night out but also for the daytime. My deepset eyes allow me to rock a smokey eye without looking like a panda, so I guess I'm lucky like that. Very different from my usual make up routine, but I liked it so much I'm pretty sure I'll revisit this look in the future. Check it out!

beauty tutorial: shimmery smokey eye with blue kajal tightlining

Products used:

- Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
- Catrice Ultimate Stay lip liner in Mauve me, tender, used as lipstick

beauty tutorial: shimmering smokey eye with blue tightlining

Definitely an easy look to put together that nevertheless packs a lot of punch. Let me know if you like it! :-)


Feminine casual in Bench and Nike Roshe Runs

feminine casual outfit: leather jacket, nike roshe runs
feminine casual outfit: leather jacket, nike roshe runs
diamanti per tutti circle of life ring
feminine casual outfit: nike roshe runs, and other stories handbag
feminine casual outfit: Bench sweater dress
feminine casual outfit: and other stories handbag, bench sweater dress
feminine casual outfit: bench sweater dress, leggings, nike roshe runs
sweater dress, leggings: c/o Bench - leather jacket: Henley's - sweaters: Nike Roshe Runs - handbag: & Other Stories - necklace: Lobogato - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

On the weekends, you rarely spot me in something other than a pair of leggings (uhm, except, like, tops. Don't be a perv). What can I say, the garment has won my heart many times over, and is the best next thing after bare legs when it's too cold not to cover up. The best thing about leggings is that it's pretty easy to incorporate them into a number of different looks while still keeping comfort your number one priority. For example, I think my leggings look very cool in this feminine sportswear ensemble, with my trusty Nike Roshe Runs, and this snuggly Bench sweater dress. The leather accents and the cropped jacket keep the outfit from being too casual. I could totally be some cool kid hacker slash cyber terrorist who also does parkour. You know? That sort of vibe. But way less athletic.


Beauty review: Philosophy Purity, Hope in a Jar and When Hope is Not Enough

Hi guys! I received some Philosophy samples to review for your sake, and I used them for a month because that's how long it takes for your skin to renew. Read on for my experiences with these products!

First up: Hope in a Jar, a favourite among people-in-the-know for
- moisturizing
- containing antioxidants, which supposedly fight aging and reduce skin irritation
- and gently exfoliating the skin by use of lactic acid, which basically helps removing dead skin cells
- which leaves your skin smooth and glowing

Hope in a jar is also available for dry or oily/combo skin, and in a night cream version. I used the original, for normal skin, and a 60ml jar retails at around 40€ at Ici Paris XL.

philosophy hope in a jar review

Hope in a Jar has an amazing texture, unlike other moisturizers I've tried: airy, whipped, truly melting into the skin after seconds. I felt like as a moisturizer, it was just a bit too light for my winter skin, but I bet I'd love this during the summer when my skin is just a bit less 'thirsty' :-)
The smell is polarizing, as a simple google search might tell you, but I really liked it: medicinal, with a slight hint of lavender. Another commonly heard downside is the packaging: a jar. Not very hygienic (although that can be remedied by using a spatula which you clean after every use), and everytime you open the jar, oxygen touches the active ingredients and makes them lose their efficacy. I would prefer this in a tube, or with a pump dispenser.
I definitely noticed the lactic acid, as my skin tingled after use for the first 10 days or so. Take care in keeping this one away from your eye contours, because it made my eyes tear up now and then. I also noticed some mild irritation and breakouts during the first week of use, which was probably related to the exfoliation. I used up this 30ml jar after a month of AM and PM use, so I could use the normal, 60ml size container for two months if used twice a day, or four months if used just in the AM. That makes the 40€ price tag not so extravagant, but still more than I spend now.

philosophy when hope is not enough serum review

Second: When Hope is Not Enough serum. You have to know one thing about me: I love serums. I find them luxurious, and a good serum has an instant effect on my skin, leaving it pampered, smooth, hydrated and basically looking like I've just come back from a relaxing vacation. This serum is no different. It has a thick, almost gel-like formula which reminds me of Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (which is amaaaazing and I would swim in it daily if I had the money), and a spicy scent that I really liked. A 30ml bottle retails at 40€ at Ici Paris XL, which is quite expensive seeing as this 11ml bottle lasted me about 10 days of daily use. Serums are not a budget product, and I feel like you definitely get what you pay for, but the question is whether plump, firm skin fits in your budget.

Philosophy purity made simple cleanser review

Third, Purity made simple, a 3-in-1 cleanser. Let me come out and say it straight away: I love this product. I've never met a facial wash that was mild enough for me to rub it into my eyes without any trouble, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean but not dry or sensitive. If I use it in the shower, it removes all traces of even the heaviest eye make up without a problem. If I use it with a washcloth, I usually start with an oil based eye make up remover (because I wear a lot of make up :-D), but it still removes my face make up better (and gentler) than anything else I've tried. Purity contains essential oils to soothe the skin, smells subtly like lavender, and retails at 20€ for a 240ml bottle. My 90 ml bottle is still 1/3rd full after a month of use, so I think that that's great value for money. Using Purity has also greatly reduced the amount of irritation I've experienced after using heavier foundations like my Revlon Colorstay. I'm pretty sure I'll keep buying this product!

philosophy hope in a jar before after review

In these pictures, I'm wearing no make up. The left is from before starting the trial run, the second is from after a monht of use. As you can see: my skin isn't suddenly flawless, but the change is definitely noticeable: the redness in my cheeks has been subdued, just a tad. The rosacea has become less angry. Additionally, the overall amount of redness in my face has diminished. Something that is harder to show in pictures, is that my skin feels very smooth, although you can sort of see the change in texture along my chin and forehead. I also think that the laugh lines along my eyes are slightly less noticeable, but they weren't very pronounced to begin with.

All in all, the difference might not be as huge as I'd hoped it would be, but I think I should know better than to expect miracles from skincare when it comes to solving complexion issues I've had ever since my teens (ugh, hormones amirite). One major message I'd like to impart on everyone, is that spending more money on skincare or make up won't necessarily solve all of your (beauty) issues, but the right products can definitely make a difference that might be worth it, depending on your spending-priorities. If you have rosacea and if this is bothersome to you, Hope in a Jar is worth a trial run.
In sum: I totally understand why people love Philosophy products. Not many things feel as luxurious as pampering yourself with a daily skincare routine that consist of products that are as acclaimed as these, especially when you actually notice that the products improve your complexion. I might just buy another jar to see if prolonged use would make an even bigger change.

Have you tried Philosophy? Any experiences to share, or skincare recommendations? I'm all ears!

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