Sales: What I'm Looking For

Unless you are
a) mega rich thus not concerned with bargains or
b) some anti-consumption Che Guevara-fan (guilty), you are probably rejoicing over THE SALES! They are upon us! Most of us can't resist a good sale. But it can be tricky to resist impulse buys that will make you roll your eyes in a few months or even days. The Blonde Muse already did an EGGcelent post about how to succeed during the sales, I agree with every point she makes and usually do my best to adhere to all of those guidelines. 

My favorite pointer in the list is her bit about having a wishlist. In my experience, you're far more likely to not buy tons of redundant crap if you set up a clear list of things you need/want, which means YOU'LL take an advantage of the sales rather than THEM taking advantage of you.

I for one am on the lookout for a list of specific pieces this time around. And I would be a crap writer if I'd just stop with that statement, so here is my list!

 1. Airy summer dresses that don't look all obviously "cute, girly and/or romantic" (think ruffles, florals, spaghetti straps), much like most of the stuff I used to wear during the summer. I'm over that look right now, I much prefer either a bit of a funky edge or a very clean, classy, minimalist piece (something I might wear to work for example. WE AIN'T IN KANSAS ANYMORE TOTO). I'm thinking of interesting, elegant cuts, vibrant colors and unique prints.

2. Shorts. I don't know why, but the only item I've been MORE obsessed with than maxi-everything, are shorts. So comfortable and effortless, like pajamas. The difference is that instead of them making you look lazy and depressed if you wear them out the house, shorts give you an instant sporty - cool chick vibe. Sort of like girls who know how to skateboard, jump around lawn sprinklers on hot days, dye their hair funky colors, blow bubblegum and write lyrics on the backs of their hands lest they forget that amazing song that rocked their world the night before.
PROTIP: go for loose or stretchy shorts. Supertight, non stretchy shorts suck.

3. Loose-fitting trousers. I mean I love skinnies as much as the next person. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I was one of the first people in Belgium to jump the skinny-denim bandwagon when the trend started blowing all of us out of our low-waisted, boot cut pants back in 2004. What can I say, I sniff out trends like a pig does with truffles (if that pig had read about the exact place and value of said truffles in various magazines). What I meant to say is that while I love skinnies (and I DO love 'em), sometimes (OK often) I yearn for a more relaxed look and feel. Lightweight fabrics in a solid statement color or a fun print, preferably not as flimsy as jersy or polyester. High waists are a plus! These look SO cool with crop tops.

Check my polyvore for the details on each of the pieces in my collages.

So! What are you going to pillage the piles of discarded high street crap for? Haha I'm such a party pooper :-D


  1. Leuke wishlist A! Ik ga meestal wel gericht shoppen en daarbij komen dergelijke lijstjes altijd goed van pas :)

  2. Ik ben ook helemaal into losse, chille broekskes momenteel! (Het exemplaar van topshop - met zwart-witte klaproze print - dat ik nu aan heb bewijst het helemaal.) Dat rozige shortje van austique vind ik helemaal geweldig trouwens!

  3. het probleem is voor mij vooral dat ik in geinspireerde periodes zo elke week wel nieuwe "MUST HAVES" vind :D

  4. klinkt heerlijk, die print! klaprozen <3

  5. I'm a fan of making the wishlist then tracking down the bargains based on that. I haven't got much this year but, as a result, I've avoided a load of crap!

  6. ik wil ook zo'n jurkje, leuke print shorts, en vooral: een aztec rokje en zwarte sandalen!


  7. Ooh! Great list. I am deffinatley having a hard time resisting being drawn into the sales... but I have given into ASOS and Zara :)

  8. I am such a sucker for sales as well. That is like the only time I shop. Sales, clearance, and thrift stores.


  9. That paint splash tunic is the shiz!!! And you are right, always better to have a list. That tunic is now on my list :)

  10. Wishlists are good. Limits are also good. I'd quite like a pair of those trousers too. This year, I'm going to check the sales for things I can actually wear in the Autumn since I never buy and desperately need winters clothes. Boorrrring. I'm sure I'll come out with some dresses you don't like anymore though. :D

  11. it's not that I don't LIKE them, they just don't... Inspire me anymore, I guess.


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