Giveaway: Etre Touchy Wool Gloves

sweater, boots: Forever21 - pants: Zara - scarf: c/o Jackpot - gloves: c/o Etre

I set myself a tiny challenge by grabbing these pink trousers and committing to putting together an autumnal outfit. I mean, pink trousers don't really scream "fall/winter" to me. I styled them with other soft hued items because I didn't want to end up with that look where you just pair something you don't know how to style with dark colours. That always looks so boring to me. MORE IS MORE when it comes to color, while dark colors look best with other dark shades. ANYHOO that was my bit of style advice for the day!

SO. The holidays are coming up, and I have AT LEAST two giveaways lined up for my lovely readers. Whether you keep your prize or enter the giveaway to win the perfect gift for a loved one: it will be worth your while. 

First up, a cute little practical gadget for those tech-savy hipsters out there: a pair of high quality, 100% Touchy wool gloves by Etre. Etre is a London based, award winning design agency, so it should not come as a surprise that their items have the sort of look I associate with my most tasteful friends. The sort of people who are so in-tune with trends that they live above and beyond the hype. They go for quality, design and purity of aesthetic that surpasses trend, you know? 

 illustrated with my boyfriend's smartphone since I actually don't even own one :(

These gloves are simple and practical, with their clean design that allows the wearer to use their cellphones and tablets without having to remove their gloves: GENIUS. I want to text AND have toasty fingers, you know? Btw these come in all sizes: kids (small), most women (medium) and most men (large) and in different colors

If you win, you can also choose to pick a wool pair of the Etre Five Point gloves that allow you to use your touch screens even though your fingers are covered: it's up to you. Either way, a pair of expensive wool gloves are JUST the type of thing that's more fun to get as a gift rather than buying them yourself.

If you want to win a pair of ETRE wool gloves or would like to gift them to a friend, enter by commenting below or sending me an email, and that's it! Be sure to leave me a means to contact you!

The giveaway will run until the 6th of december: see it as my Sinterklaas gift to one lucky winner. Good luck!

This giveaway is closed! Thanks for participating and CONGRATS to Nathalie, our winner!


  1. Great giveaway! Makes swiping and typing a lot easier!



  2. oooh ik doe mee! vdbnathalie @ hotmail . com. Erg leuke outfit ook! Ik dacht direct hé ik kan men roze broek mss toch eens uit de kast halen in de winter! Erg geslaagd!

  3. Oh ik had gereageerd maar tis precies door mijn internetverbinding. Ik doe mee! vdbnathalie @ hotmail . com. Echt een leuke outfit! Wil er direct men roze broek eens van uit de kast halen! Vind het zelf ook zo zomers, maar op deze manier is het echt een leuke winterlook! En ik wil echt handschoenen lekker warm en toch nog je gsm gebruiken! Must-have :D + ik verjaar op 4 december dan is het ook nog eens een verjaardagscadeautje hihi :D

  4. I'd like to enter the giveaway!



  5. ik wens je EXTRA succes voor je verjaardag! :D

  6. Awesome giveaway, such a good idea for gloves that you can text with!

  7. DUDE ik ben uw most internet obsessed friend!! Momma needs these realll baadddddddddd!!!! How else will I tweet ALL. DAY. LONG?!?!?!!!!???

  8. Count me in please!

    porcelinaprecious (at) gmail (dot) com

    Porcelina xx


  9. hey, i have been following you since the beginnig of september and let me tell yah when i click on yah blog, i find maself lost in each and every post dat by the time am done its like 3am, i also tell maself "i t was a worthy break :),uve been amazing!!! the giveaway is a splendid idea and after seeing it i thought of my little sister,she's a gadget freak!!she would love them since her new iphone is her new obsession!! Caroline Wairimu (its also my facebook-name)

  10. Gosh....how beautiful you are in these wardrobe.....the apparel is really suitable for you and the nike shoes amazing....The sweater also cool of its mixed colors.....

  11. thank you so much, comments like these mean the world to me!

  12. Met zo een sweater is het inderdaad heel leuk om een roze broek uit de kast te halen! Ik kan die van mij ook eens proberen :)
    Heel handige handschoenen, en zelfs nog mooi ook, zou inderdaad een heel leuk Kerstmis-cadeautje voor iemand zijn!

  13. ZO handig! Love it!
    harvestmoonblog /at/ gmail.com

  14. AWMAGAD, de Five Point gloves bestaan ook in CHRISTMAS design zie ik net, nu ben ik so in :-D
    Wie zei er ooit dat je geen kersttrui, kerstsjaal, kerstwanten en kerstmuts mag combineren? Juist ja, NIEMAND :-D

    ( candyandtreats at hotmail dot com)

  15. Keeewl! aardbeienroomijs@hotmail.com

  16. Wow, eens ik snapte wat de bedoeling was was ik helemaal enthousiast! Hoe slim is dit nou? Niets vervelender dan in de kou ergens staan wachten en niet kunnen sms'en ofzo zonder je wanten te moeten uitdoen. Ik doe heel graag mee! No more cold hands :)

  17. haha ik vind ze ook supertof! succes! :D

  18. superleuk, kleurig herfstoutfitje: challenge succeeded! (ofzoiets) :)

  19. Woo! These gloves are perfect. I hate having to take off my gloves to use my phone, so this solves that dilemma! I'd love to win a pair.


  20. I love your look

  21. Aw, I'm getting a smartphone soon (upgrading from my dumbphone of 4 years) and these gloves would be perfect for texting! And they'd still be warm enough for when I'm biking (at night. ;~;) YOU LOOK AWESOME IN EVERY OUTFIT POST. LITTERALLY. I hope to channel even a little bit of your coolness, yo.

    alena [dot] wang [at] gmail [dot] com

  22. First off, I love that scarf. I'm already thinking about how I might knit one in a similar braided style, so thanks for the crafting inspiration!
    Also, those gloves are awesome. You could contact me at emily DOT w DOT sings AT gmail DOT com

  23. ooooh if you ever succeed at making one, let me know! I'd love to see your handiwork! and good luck :)

  24. i love all these photos:) Please enter me in your giveaway, you can contact me at my tumblr page iblamethenubbins.tumblr.com/ask

  25. Ik wil ze want ze zijn vet handig als ik foto's maak in de KAKKOUDE winter. Ze zijn lekkur warrummmmm. En je bent super aaibaar op deze foto's, prachtige warme kleuren <3

  26. Leuk, echt handig, voor als ik aan het fietsen ben en toch persé nog even mijn telefoon wil checken :) Ook pluspunt dat ze er mooi uitzien, ik vind meestal dat zulke handschoenen er goedkoop uitzien. Maar deze zijn heel classy !
    En oja, keep on blogging girl, loooooove your style!



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